ImaginedAtom is a full service web design company in New Orleans. We specialize in website design & development, custom graphic design, WordPress & blog development, mobile app design, e-commerce and online shopping solutions, print media design, and logo, branding & identity services.

A little about what we do…
  • Web Designopen

    We offer a full suite of website design services for small businesses, corporations, individuals, and the hospitality & restaurant industry in New Orleans and around the globe. Custom website design and development is just the beginning, and we specialize in creating websites that are easily managed through a content management system enabling the site owner and their staff to update the website with ease.

    We can do this:

    • Custom website design from the ground up
    • Content management system integration
    • Fully custom web graphics
    • Display text in any font you choose
    • Create custom photo galleries
    • Design beautiful image sliders for your pages
    • Integrate blogs for your website
    • Allow your visitors to contact you through integrated contact forms
    • Integrate social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter
    • Create message boards and forums
    • Enable users to download various files from your site
    • Embed videos and music players for multimedia sites
    • Anything you dream up
  • E-Commerce & Online Storesopen

    Restaurants, merchants, and various businesses and individuals take advantage of our e-commerce development service to allow customers from all over to shop and buy online.

    We can do this…

    • Online store & shopping cart design & development
    • Integrated secure payment systems that transfer money into your bank account after each transaction
    • Online restaurant menus and food ordering — allows your customers to order online for delivery or pickup
    • eBay seller integration — whatever you post to your online store for sale is also posted to eBay automatically
    • Integrated shipping that calculates shipping charges automatically
    • Easy store management — upload product images, create new items for sale, manage stock quantities, and set pricing with a few clicks of your mouse
  • WordPress Development & Designopen

    Great content management starts with WordPress. Other web design companies will charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars for a content manager, but we don’t. WordPress offers all the bells and whistles we need to offer you everything you want. And we won’t charge extra for WordPress.

    We can do this:

    • Build you a custom website and use WordPress as your free content management system
    • Set up a WordPress website using a template of your choice
    • Build you a custom blog for use with the WordPress environment
  • Graphic Designopen

    Whatever your need for stunning visual graphics, ImaginedAtom has all of your bases covered. We cater to businesses and individuals of many backgrounds and industries and offer a graphics team that can create beautiful logos, graphic headers, edited photos, and customized graphics to display on your next website.

  • Mobile App/Website Design & Developmentopen

    The rise of the mobile revolution has absolutely everyone viewing the Internet from the palm of their hand. It’s more important than ever to deliver your business to mobile devices. ImaginedAtom has years of experience designing and developing mobile-friendly websites and apps that display every bit of your business within a mobile browser. What’s more, we can even take your mobile website and convert it into an HTML5 application to submit to the Apple App Store and Google Play (formerly Android Market).

  • Print Media Designopen

    Your next trade show or industry event may require you to have available banners, flyers, posters, signs, business cards, or letterhead that your business simply doesn’t have time to create. This is where our design team becomes your best friend.

    We can design these…

    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Business cards
    • Posters
    • Banners
    • Signage
    • Apparel
    • Various branded merchandise
    • Much more
  • Logos & Brandingopen

    Because we each have a unique personal identity, we believe our businesses and services should as well. Through examining the every last fiber of your business objectives, products, services, and dreams, we can create memorable logos and branding schemes that will keep your clients and customers talking.


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