quoteWe are New Orleans website designers and graphic artists with a passion for designing affordable websites for desktop, tablet, and mobile, HTML5 web applications, plus online development and e-commerce/shopping cart solutions that are beautiful, easy to navigate, and uniquely yours. And while New Orleans is where we call home, our web design studio has clients across the United States.

To understand the history of our company would require a novel several hundred pages long, each chapter telling a story of one dream after the next, of a vision for a business to outshine them all.

The abbreviated version of our tale begins with a 15-year-old in the mid 1990s poring over lines and lines of the code that made up the infantile Internet, wondering how thousands of short lines of seemingly incomprehensible markup could produce a page on the Web. Countless hours, days, weeks, and months turned into years of learning the language of the Internet, and always seeking to improve upon what others had done. Innovation. That was the beginning of our company.

Over 15 years later the dreams and aspirations birthed by those infinite hours dissecting the Internet’s code have evolved into the very fabric that makes up ImaginedAtom today. We continue to innovate, relentlessly seek to accomplish more, and never give up believing that today is just the beginning of building tomorrow’s dreams.

quoteWe are artists, innovators of the web & guardians of its future. We ignore boundaries and create beauty in a world of ordinary.


As a premier New Orleans web design studio, ImaginedAtom employs a team of the most free thinking and imaginative individuals available anywhere. Our obligation to our clients is to dream bigger, think that the box doesn’t even exist, and realize potential where others see only a blank screen.

We don’t want to be good — we demand greatness from ourselves. The ordinary isn’t a part of our vocabulary and “good enough” simply doesn’t suffice. Imagination is part of our name and the dreams we build for our clients are becoming the stuff of legend. Where the Internet meets the human spirit, that’s where you’ll find us. We are ImaginedAtom.

Our design team is made up of Adam and Kelli who collaborate on nearly every project that ImaginedAtom begins. Kelli is a New Orleans native and her passion for designing astounding graphics makes her a perfect member of our team. Adam has been the lead innovator behind ImaginedAtom’s website design team since 1998, and continues our push forward.

Our web designers in New Orleans

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