Our New Company Website Design

ImaginedAtom.com has been redesigned from the ground up with a beautiful, dynamic, and intuitive new design. Our new website design for our company is more informative, easier to navigate, and packed full of features that enhance and reward the user’s experience.

Some of the greatest new features of our newly redesigned site include:

  • Responsive theme that easily adapts to display on mobile phones and tablets
  • Dynamic home page web design portfolio that showcases all of our work in beautiful, expanding tiles
  • Comprehensive web design FAQ section covering all the topics we’re asked about the most
  • Detailed services descriptions detailing exactly what we offer to our clients
  • Video demos of the websites and apps we’ve designed and developed
  • Integrated company news and website design blog for the online enthusiast
  • Gorgeous minimalist display highlighting the information our visitors want, and eliminating what they don’t

To submit feedback relating to the new website’s look, feel, or content, please contact us with any input.

ImaginedAtom is a full service New Orleans web design and development company specializing in HTML5 website design, mobile app design and development, custom graphics, blog integration and design, and print media services.

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