Why We Share Websites and Web Pages

Social networking is everywhere these days. You’ve undoubtedly seen social icons for sharing web pages, content, articles, and images to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and even Pinterest. But why do we integrate them into nearly every website design on the Web?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky but can easily be summed up with one word: visibility.

Every website administrator wants their content to be seen in Google search results and social sharing is an excellent tool for pushing a web page to the top of search results. Google’s search ranking algorithm “rates” pages based on the number of links to each page, and the quality of the sites linking to them. It also factors in popularity of a particular link. So if a certain New Orleans web design company like, uh, ImaginedAtom wants their web design page to rank higher in Google search results, it has to drive a lot of traffic to that page, and also put that link on as many pages as possible all across the Internet.

quote…make sure that your web designer integrates page sharing to as many social sites as possible.

Social networking is just the solution for this goal. Place a set of share buttons (for even the most unpopular of sites) across the page needing visibility, and BAM! Instant opportunity to create viral buzz over the page on Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The more people that share the page, the more links to the page appear on other websites, and Google ranks the page as more important, placing the shared page higher in search results.

So the last question we’re left with is what sites do we share to? The answer is all of them. So when seeking out a web design company in New Orleans or anywhere to design and develop your next website, make sure that your web designer integrates page sharing to as many social sites as possible.


ImaginedAtom is a New Orleans web design and development company specializing in website design, mobile web development, HTML5 web and mobile applications, graphic design, and e-commerce development.

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