Why Go Mobile?

Back in 2007 or so there was really only one Internet experience: PC. Almost all traffic on the Internet originated from web browsers running from a laptop or desktop computer, and accessing any website from another type of device (think Motorola Q, Nokia “smartphones”, Palm Treo) was an impossibe experience. Web pages appeared broken, images were improperly scaled, navigation menus were positioned in the least accessible areas of the screen, and since there were no modern touch screens, navigating a single page by clicking an arrow key on your keyboard was an experience tantamount to self torture.

Fast forward five long years to 2012, and the Internet is a different experience. Today, mobile devices account for 20% of Internet traffic in the United States alone. And when we say mobile, we aren’t including tablet versions of browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The number is really quite staggering. Why this increase in traffic, though?

Mobile phone

iPhone. Yes, Apple’s iconic smartphone from 2007 is nearly solely responsible for the spike in mobile traffic on the Internet. Thanks to iPhone and its full browsing experience in Safari, the Internet immediately opened up to mobile devices. And as always happens with a smash hit product, several iPhone clones began hitting the market (i.e. Android OS and the phones that run it) boasting a similar web browsing experience from the palm of its user’s hand.

quoteIn 2014, mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing.

Soon after all of this, web designers and developers began deploying websites that were optimized for the smaller screen. We now see larger buttons, scaled images, mobile-optimized navigation menus, and custom widgets that all perform within a smaller touch interface.

And so finally on to our [incredibly long-winded] point. Why hire a web design company to develop a mobile website your business? Because in 2014, mobile browsing traffic will overtake desktop browsing.

Don’t leave your website’s viewers in the dust. A solid mobile website design is absolutely critical to staying relevant in today’s world of “on the go”. It’s not necessary to create a completely separate design for your mobile optimized site, either. It’s just important to hire a web design company with the knowhow to implement a design that is easily and quickly displayed on a mobile browser.


ImaginedAtom is a New Orleans web design and development company specializing in website design, mobile web development, HTML5 web and mobile applications, graphic design, and e-commerce development.

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