HTML5 Arrives for Christmas

ImaginedAtom Web Design of New Orleans has launched an entirely new website designed completely in HTML5. This website serves as a powerful example of the beauty, functionality, and speed that the newest iteration of HTML5 provides to web designers and developers across the globe.

HTML5 is the fifth and most recent release of the World Wide Web Consortium’s approved and adopted web standards language, and is seamlessly integrated with the styling of CSS3. Most of the major Internet browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 10+ have added support for HTML5 to their rendering engines, while earlier versions of IE and Firefox have overlooked the transition. To combat the lack of support, web designers and web developers will have to create alternate stylesheets or browser specific “if” conditions to render their content.


Among the latest features of HTML5 are native video and audio player support, drag and drop interface design elements,; tag supporting vector graphics, data storage within HTML, and JavaScript compatibility. Combined with powerful languages such as CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, and AJAX, HTML5 accomplishes more website design goals for web designers than its predecessor, HTML4.1.

ImaginedAtom is a New Orleans web design and development company specializing in web design, website development, HTML5 mobile applications, graphic design, and e-commerce development.

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